About the Company

  Brisco Capital Partners Corp. (“Brisco”) is a Calgary based IR firm with a broad range of clients representing a cumulative market capitalization of $3.3      billion. Brisco has built a reputation as one of Canada’s leading IR consultancies with a significant investment community following.

 Brisco understands the true value of an IR campaign is to maximize the client’s exposure to the investment community. Further, we understand that as a  public company evolves through its business cycle, its capital requirements and its audience also changes – over the past 10 years, we have cultivated a  thorough database of investment contacts to meet these needs.

Why Us?

Companies frequently contact us with a specific task in mind, such as broadening a shareholder base, securing analyst coverage or leveraging a year of significant clinical milestones. Using our expertise and relationships, we develop and launch a comprehensive IR program.

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While each client will have their own set of specific goals and subsequent tactics, we believe that high-quality companies should operate their investor relationship management programs according to current best industry practice. We advise our clients accordingly, helping them convey news and information to research analysts and investors regularly and consistently, with special attention to timing, positioning, accuracy and fair disclosure policies. In addition, we provide appropriate guidance to clients to ensure they maintain the respect and trust that is vital to a company’s reputation.