Brisco is an Investor Relations consultancy with a primary focus of Canada and Europe. Brisco has established Joint Venture partners to further penetrate the vast global marketplace.



Founded in 1993, GMP FirstEnergy is an energy-focused investment dealer based in Calgary, Alberta. The firm is a subsidiary of GMP Capital, Inc. (GMP: Toronto). They provide research, financing and advisory services as well as trading the shares of both public and private corporations participating in the Canadian energy sector. They primarily focus on oil and gas sectors. Their definition of energy includes energy exploration, production and transportation as well as electricity generation, energy technologies and income trusts.

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Goal Capital Inc.

Goal Capital is an outsourced investor relations and consulting firm for publicly traded companies. Our personalized approach focuses on planning and executing investor awareness programs help our client’s effectively tell their story to the market. Our Road Show Services particularly in the US markets have been a been very well received by our clients over the years as we continue to build and develop and refresh our network “ON THE ROAD”.

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Energy Prospectus Group (EPG) is a networking organization for private investors that are heavily invested in the energy sector. Our members are geologists, engineers, landman, financial professionals and small business owners. Many of them have decades of experience in the energy industry. EPG is focused on the fundamentals. Our members have access to individual company profiles and forecast models plus several Watch Lists that are housed on this website. We also have numerous networking events throughout the year where our members and guests get to meet the management of our favorite companies.

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